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When you face a challenging
situation, we protect you to the full
extent of the law


We strive to provide our clients
with sensible, tailored solutions
in all aspects of family law


We are here to assist you
put your mind at ease knowing your family
will be provided for after your passing.


We take the hassle out of buying and
selling property with competitive and affordable
fixed fee service
for residential conveyancing.

Our team takes pride in representing our clients with determination and are relentless in ensuring our clients are cared for.

We ensure our clients understand what they are faced with and what their legal rights are.

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Family Law

The team at Hefford Hampton Lawyers are compassionate and understanding people with the expertise to legally protect you and your family from potential issues. Our family law team deal on a daily basis with a wide range of matters.

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Wills & Estates

Regardless of your age, you never know what the future has in store. By planning ahead however, you can be sure that any assets you've worked hard to earn are only ever distributed to your loved ones and not fall into the wrong hands.

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We take the hassle out of buying and selling property, with a client care focus and fixed, with a competitive and affordable fixed fee service for residential Conveyancing including perusal of your Contract before you sign for no additional fee.

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guidance for family law matters and more

Our team has provided quality legal representation to clients all over Queensland in all Courts.

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Why Heffords?


We care

We will always endeavour to go above and beyond to obtain your desired outcome

honest and upfront

We will provide you with advice that best suits your circumstances and not draw out processes and costs uncecessarily.

No hidden costs

We provide regular fee estimates to ensure you are up to date and aware of any costs we incur on your behalf.

Your opinions matter

We will always approach your matter with respect and will not take any steps without your express instructions.

Compassionate Advice

We are sensitive to your situation and are here to serve your needs.

Established Company

With over 25 years experience, we have the knowledge to guide you.